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Here you can purchase electronic versions of my books at half the cost of those available through online retailers, and these books can be read on tablets, smartphones, laptops and computers, thus proving very practical and environmentally friendly.

To make a purchase simply select the quantities you would like and send payment via the methods shown below, whereupon I will email you a copy once payment has been confirmed and received.

-It’s so simple I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner!

The Case Law Compendium: English & European Law

With over 150 popular case studies across nine law modules covering Constitutional & Administrative Law, Contract Law, Criminal Law, Equity and Trust Law, European Law, Family Law, Medical Law, Property (Land) Law, Tort Law, each case study comes complete with hand-selected, and fully OSCOLA referenced, key citations, all ready for insertion into chosen coursework. While these citations encourage the cohesive presentation of academic work, their footnote to this easily digestible text also expedites learning, assists with written coursework, and allows for constructive discussion in group environments. Such unprecedented partnering culminates in an essential law study support resource, that while invaluable to all undergraduates, remains a critical reference point for those navigating their academic or legal careers at every level. Typically retailing for £17 this electronic version delivers superb value at this low price, and is a body of text that every prudent law student should own.


A Cookbook for Food Lovers

Packed with over 250 recipes spanning 23 countries, A Cookbook for Food Lovers is an essential culinary resource designed to encourage anybody with a passion for food to expand upon their existing repertoire. Every recipe has been throughly reviewed by a discerning family of foodies prior to being tweaked to suit a broad selection of palates, all of which results in a cookbook that can be enjoyed by families everywhere, and with beef, chicken, fish, lamb, pork and vegetable dishes (not to mention rice, dals and side dishes), A Cookbook for Food Lovers is also a diverse collection of traditional and classic recipes written by someone who enjoys eating healthy and well-balanced meals, and hopes only to share that joy with those willing to invest time and creativity within their own kitchens.  Every meal will please even the most choosy diner, while proving itself a vital source of inspiration when planning family mealtimes, thereby remaining a timeless ingredient for those who simply enjoy cooking and eating good food. Typically retailing for £12.99 this electronic version delivers excellent value for money and will no doubt get plenty of use, while the dishes inside can be found on the gallery page above.