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Neil November 23 2107All of us, at some point or another, are subject to the various laws governing our everyday lives, and the truth is that there are no exceptions to this rule, anywhere.

When I say our lives, I refer of course to our working conditions, proprietary rights, health concerns, financial standing, contractual protections, familial obligations, civil liberties and the inherent freedom to bequeath as we see fit. In most, if not all of these scenarios, we are likewise required to instruct or at the very least, consult a qualified (solicitor, lawyer, or attorney) so as to obtain a professional opinion of our dilemma, along with a plan as to how best to address the problem in hand.

Unfortunately for the majority of us this process equates to heavy financial risk and potentially spiralling costs when looking to pursue a matter through to its conclusion, which in and of itself, is a sadly endemic barrier preventing proper and achievable litigation outside of a courtroom.

This is where the Black Letter Law Consultant reinvents the now-outdated model of client and legal professional relationships.

Because I operate beyond the confines of domestic legal practice, my skills as a law scholar, legal writer and natural advocate allow me to set my own service fees, deliver information to my clients in a way that both educates and reassures them at every step, and construct a plan that will inevitably save them both time and money in the process.

I would also stress that I will not advise any of my clients to pursue an avenue where the outcome is unavoidably against their best interests, which is a stance I feel reflects my  philosophy that any adviser or consultant operates within a fiduciary framework, and one requiring leading party to shoulder those virtues when assisting all clients, however  this principle is often neglected in favour of commercial advantage when things become challenging, as they often will.

Instead I seek to forge powerful partnerships with all of my clients, while holding front and centre the knowledge that their vulnerability is mine to protect at all times. This has carried me very well in life and is an asset that I would automatically seek in any legal professional or service provider, especially given the complexities of law in all its guises.

In closing there are obviously countless scenarios requiring you to seek legal counsel, and so at this point I would implore that you to get in contact with me in the first instance via or on +44(0)7771 333801, and please allow me to help you assert your position quickly and evaluate your options in certain terms.