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Crossroads by Cliff Knecht
Image: ‘Crossroads’ by Cliff Knecht

Today is my first blog entry and having reflected upon my efforts so far, it feels as if all my work will never be seen, purchased or benefitted from by law students either now and in the future. I’m sorry if that sounds all doom and gloom but there it is.

The truth is, marketing your book to an international audience is virtually impossible when you have literally no money, despite my dropping the retail price, and trying to promote it across numerous social media platforms. At forty-eight I am no spring chicken, and so would be the first to confess that I have no real idea how to exploit this side of things when trying to reach young students looking for genuine help in the field of law.

I can write all day, everyday, primarily because I love what I do, and because I passionately want to share my gift with as many people as possible, however as I am sure plenty of you know, marketing and promotion of any medium is not free, and it’s not as if I can give away samples, as every copy costs me money, which again, I simply do not have.

– A typical case of chicken and egg.

Worse still, the one and only review left on (which appeared on my birthday of all days) was difficult for me to read and understand, particularly given how hard I had worked on this debut publication, and how my family had barely seen much more than the back of my head for months on end, as I sat in the corner of our bedroom facing the wall, studying and writing like a man possessed.

I never once imagined that the first piece of feedback would be so damning, and in all honesty I have not sold another copy on since. It is obvious that the reviewer could not have cared less for how that has left me, or how it has most likely deterred others from buying a copy for themselves, but there is nothing I can do except hope that somebody else buys my book, loves it, and feels compelled to offer their version of events.

So as I sit here this evening, having enjoyed Christmas more now than ever before, I am torn between continued hope for a future filled with writing, and a creeping sense that I have deluded myself into thinking people care about case law even half as much as I do.

Deep down, I want to believe that there is an audience for my work, but to date I have had no lasting sign that I am making any difference, and that’s incredibly hard for anybody to take, no matter how much faith you have in yourself and your craft.

I’m not trying to come off as depressing here, I’m simply reaching out through this section of my site as a genuinely passionate human being, who having spent my life blindly (and painfully) searching for the answer to the question as to why I am here, fell in love with law the moment I set foot on university soil.

Its also important for me to stress that this love has not waned in the slightest, and I plan to continue simplifying case law in as many jurisdictions as possible, if only in the knowledge that somebody, somewhere, chooses to pursue the subject because they felt they could at last understand why it exists and how it functions.

It’s equally strange for me to be pulled by a vision, which at this very moment feels frayed at the edges, yet there is a voice reassuring me that it’s just a matter of time, and that far from giving up, I just need to let go and keep moving forward.

As I type these words, I just hope that voice is right, I really do.

Author: Neil Egan-Ronayne

Legal Consultant, Author and Foodie...

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