The criminal law section is now complete.

United States Law: A Case Study Collection

‘Portrait of Crime’ by Santiago Caruso

Having started work on this legal discipline in July 2018, I am just beyond thrilled to announce that this often harrowing, and yet equally compelling chapter of the United States Case Law Compendium is now well and truly finished.

While I’m aware that I listed the first half of this section in a previous blog post, I thought I would show the whole 122 cases here for convenience (plus it also helps me to acknowledge the sheer scale of this entry), and although I’m happy to be moving on to property law, it’s still an ending for me of sorts, and I can honestly say that it’s been an experience that has deepened my understanding of American criminal law to no end, which is more than I could have anticipated, and so my only wish is that potential readers will feel the same when they invest themselves into the cases studied (or rather simplified).

Anyway, without blathering on too much about it all, here is the criminal law section in all of its glory, and my apologies for such a long post.

1. Anguish v. State

2. Apprendi v. New Jersey

3. Backun v. U.S.

4. Blakely v. Washington

5. Blumenthal v. U.S.

6. Bouie v. City of Columbia

7. Bush v. Commonwealth

8. Carpenter v. U.S.

9. Cheek v. U.S.

10. City of Chicago v. Morales

11. Clark v. Arizona

12. Com. v. Berkowitz

13. Com. v. Fischer

14. Com. v. Milnarich

15. Com. v. Rhodes

16. Com. v. Twitchell

17. Com. v. Webster

18. Com. v. Williams

19. Commonwealth v. Blodgett

20. Cox v. People

21. Davidson v. State

22. Davis v. U.S.

23. Direct Sales Co. v. U.S.

24. Dixon v. State

25. Durham v. U.S.

26. Durland v. U.S.

27. Erwin v. State

28. Ewing v. California

29. Francis v. Franklin

30. Furman v. Georgia

31. Graham v. Connor

32. Graham v. Florida

33. Gregg v. Georgia

34. Harmelin v. Michigan

35. Hendershott v. People

36. Holdridge v. U.S.

37. Hopkins v. State

38. Hopps v. People

39. Hutto v. Davis

40. Jones v. Commonwealth

41. Jones v. City and County of San Francisco

42. Keeler v. Superior Court

43. Kotteakos v. U.S.

44. Lawrence v. Texas

45. Leland v. State of Oregon

46. Liparota v. U.S.

47. Lockett v. Ohio

48. Long v. State

49. McCleskey v. Kemp

50. McDonald v. U.S.

51. McNally v. U.S.

52. Montana v. Egelhoff

53. Mullaney v. Wilbur

54. New York Central & Hudson River Railroad Co. v. U.S.

55. Palmer v. State

56. Papachristou v. City of Jacksonville

57. People v. Barnes

58. People v. Beeman

59. People v. Berry

60. People v. Ceballos

61. People v. Decina

62. People v. Dioguardi

63. People v. Dohring

64. People v. Dorsey

65. People v. Grant

66. People v. Kessler

67. People v. Lauria

68. People v. Lewis

69. People v. Lovercamp

70. People v. Marrero

71. People v. Mayberry

72. People v. Newton

73. People v. Richards

74. People v. Romero

75. People v. Ryan

76. People v. Staples

77. People v. Superior Court

78. Pinkerton v. U.S.

79. Pottinger v. City of Miami

80. Proctor v. State

81. Robinson v. California

82. Rogers v. Tennessee

83. Rummel v. Estelle

84. Sandstrom v. Montana

85. Scott v. Harris

86. Shuttlesworth v. City of Birmingham

87. Skilling v. U.S.

88. Smith v. People of the State of California

89. Staples v. U.S.

90. State v. Adkins

91. State v. Alston

92. State v. Casey

93. State v. Crawford

94. State v. Etzweiler

95. State v. Frazier

96. State v. Green

97. State v. Haney

98. State v. Leidholm

99. State v. Leopold

100. State v. Lima

101. State v. Powell

102. State v. Smith

103. State v. Tally

104. State v. Wanrow

105. State v. Williams

106. Stephenson v. State

107. Tennessee v. Garner

108. Terry v. Ohio

109. Thornhill v. State of Alabama

110. Tot v. U.S.

111. U.S. v. Holmes

112. U.S. v. Booker

113. U.S. v. Contento-Pachon

114. U.S. v. Dotterweich

115. U.S. v. Park

116. U.S. Regent Office Supply Co.

117. U.S. v. Rybicki

118. U.S. v. Teemer

119. U.S. v. U.S. Gypsum Co.

120. U.S. v. X-Citement Video Inc.

121. U.S. v. Zavala Maldonado

122. U.S. v. Weems



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