A Cookbook for Food Lovers is out now!

While I can readily admit that I’m not particularly good at promotion, I am nonetheless very pleased to say that my cookbook is now published and ready for purchase at Amazon for only £12.99.*

Packed with over 250 recipes spanning 23 countries, A Cookbook for Food Lovers is an essential culinary resource designed to encourage anybody with a passion for food to expand upon their existing repertoire.

Every recipe has been throughly reviewed by a discerning family of foodies prior to being tweaked to suit a broad selection of palates, all of which results in a cookbook that can be enjoyed by families everywhere.

A Cookbook for Food Lovers
Our favourite recipes: A Cookbook for Food Lovers by Neil Egan-Ronayne

With beef, chicken, fish, lamb, pork and vegetable dishes (not to mention rice and side dishes), A Cookbook for Food Lovers is a diverse collection of traditional and classic recipes written by someone who enjoys eating healthy and well-balanced meals, and hopes only to share that joy with those willing to invest time and creativity within their own kitchens. 

While it’s important to add that every dish succeeds on its own merits, this is a book that can be fully exploited with a confidence that once served, every meal will please even the most choosy diner, while proving itself a vital source of inspiration when planning family mealtimes, thereby remaining a timeless ingredient for those who simply enjoy cooking and eating good food.

-Bon appetit


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* Also available in  France  | Germany | Italy | Japan | Spain with more sites to follow…