A Noble Heritage

In 2016 Neil Egan-Ronayne graduated with his LL.B. (Hons) law degree, alongside tutor recommendations to remain in the field of legal research.

Heeding that advice, Neil wrote and published The Case Law Compendium: English & European Law as a support resource for law undergraduates seeking deeper knowledge of the cases drawn upon during their degree course.

With an examination of contract law, constitutional and administrative law, criminal law, European law, family law, medical law, property law and tort law, this unique publication has provided unfettered access to the country’s leading cases and an analytical insight of how laws are made and changed over generations.

Three years later, Neil completed and published the unprecedented United States Law: A Case Study Collection after painstakingly researching thousands of notable cases over a two-year period.

This labour of love produced an unrivalled study guide and reference point for American Juris Doctors and Law School undergraduates keen to perform well.

With text spanning civil procedure, constitutional law, criminal law, contract law, property law and tort law, this incredible book is unlike anything found within the legal annuls, and accelerates learning through the clear and concise delivery of jurisprudence.

(click here) to read Frederick W. Kinight’s thesis ‘Notes on the Family of Ronayne or Ronan of Counties Cork and Waterford’ to learn more about Neil’s illuminating ancestry.

During this time, Neil also gained invaluable working knowledge of a practice industry seemingly less concerned with effective legal remedy than corporate image, hence establishing BLACK LETTER LAW® as a fully underwritten alternative to standardised legal fees.


During the course of his early professional career, Neil enjoyed unrivalled local and national success within the construction, (senior management) recruitment, wholesale distribution, private care and food sectors to name just a few.

This allowed Neil to navigate highly complex supply chain, employment, account management, procurement, contractual, health, human rights, financial, legal, local authority, infrastructure, property, health and safety and human resource (HR) issues (and more besides) through a methodically multi-disciplined approach and an unrivalled passion for excellence.

Resting proudly upon vast commercial knowledge and ever-growing legal acumen, Neil’s experiences have balanced a passion for law with razor sharp corporate skills designed to trouble-shoot and identify legal obstacles; which is why we can assure our clients peace of mind and a faith that we’re right by their side throughout.


Approved supplier status with UK’s largest refurbishment and construction companies

Single-handed securement of multi-million pound tenders

Successful brand reestablishment

Fast-track corporate growth within harsh economic climates

Securement of national Framework and Partnership Agreements

Cross-industry success and market sector leadership

Detailed legal analysis of national corporate and central government matters

Outstanding client account management


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If your issue suggests little hope of a favourable outcome, we’ll explain to you why in a way that makes sense and brings you peace of mind, while exploring all the possible alternatives along the way.

In the event that your matter shows legal promise, we will discuss our fees and send you a comprehensive client care package; and when you’re happy to instruct us, we’ll take it from there.

No hidden costs. No unexpected charges.

Just clear, accessible guidance and our full support.

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