It’s in the Blood.

Graduating with his LL.B. (Hons) law degree in the autumn of 2016, Neil Egan-Ronayne discovered his natural affinity with a very complex discipline, even garnering tutor recommendations that he remain in the field of written legal research.

Heeding that advice, Neil later wrote and published The Case Law Compendium: English and European Law and more recently, the unprecedented United States Law: A Case Study Collection ; a culmination of two years and thousands of hours of painstaking research and detailed analyses of several hundred historic American cases across multiple jurisdictions.

While writing, Neil also found the time to work within a number of English law firms, where he gained invaluable inside knowledge of practice life that revealed an industry less concerned with effective legal remedy than corporate image.

Naturally disillusioned, Neil established Black Letter Law as a remedy to costly solicitor fees in a climate where there has never been a better opportunity to invest in legal consultants, particularly when your time is precious and nothing hurts more than having it wasted at great expense.

So, no matter the scale of your problem, a quick email to explain your troubles will be greeted with sympathetic eyes and an assessment of your position with your satisfaction in mind.