About the Author

Image: ‘River Cam’ by Keith Hornblower

Born and educated in Cambridge Neil was only too keen to follow his father’s international success in the world of commerce and so having cut his teeth in the construction industry, he manoeuvred himself into the competitive world of component distribution and sales. Rapidly amassing vast knowledge of the installation and technical supplier relationship he forged his way into business development where in the midst of a corporate merger, he successfully reacquainted existing users with a new hybrid business model while setting a new company record for his efforts.

Following consistent success in a number of other sales and account management fields Neil then chose to enter the recruitment industry where he immediately excelled at cross-industry networking with repeated national placements; thus prompting the bold decision to establish his own specialist construction recruitment firm. Tailored exclusively to the needs of senior management Neil effortlessly secured approved supplier status with many of the elite national and international construction brands operating today.

The wake of the banking crisis decimated the UK construction industry, prompting a decision to re-enter education with the goal of studying law. Neil commenced his legal studies in 2013 before proudly graduating in autumn 2016 with an LL.B (Hons) law degree. During his time at university he discovered a natural affinity with a subject that earned both respect from his faculty tutors and a recommendation to remain in the field of written research. Since that time Neil has enrolled on a ‘Master of Laws’ LL.M programme at the prestigious University of East Anglia (commencing in September 2017) and aims to firmly secure himself in the research (and possibly teaching) field of international law.

This realisation and sense of personal fulfilment undoubtedly founded the design and build of The Black Letter, a digital manifestation of Neil’s passion for writing, researching and sharing all forms of legal insight to those who appreciate law and jurisprudence in its written form; so at the point of your reading this you have become witness to the carefully laid foundations of a passionate endeavour that will hopefully continue well into his golden years.

(9 February 2017)