The Road Less Travelled

In the summer of 1969 man set foot on the moon, while in the autumn of that auspicious year, Neil Egan-Ronayne came unceremoniously kicking and screaming into the world somewhere inside a long-since demolished hospital along Mill Road, Cambridge.

The youngest of two boys, Neil demonstrated the same artistic flair as his very successful artisan father, whose ability to capture the mood of the public came as easily as breathing, and so once school life was behind him, he wasted little time in trying to excel at whatever he turned his mind (and hands) to.

After serving a five-year ‘apprenticeship’ in the construction industry, and working in all manner of environments for clients spanning numerous disciplines and locales, Neil later entered the electrical supply field, where he rapidly ingested vast amounts of technical knowledge both inside and outside the office, later progressing to field sales with nothing but an inexhaustible drive to succeed.

Following consistent development success in a number of client-facing fields, Neil later tackled the recruitment industry, where he excelled at cross-industry networking, a skill that produced consistent national placements and prompted a bold decision to establish his own specialist construction recruitment firm, tailored exclusively to the needs of senior construction management.

Within months of starting his venture, Neil had secured approved supplier status with many of the elite national and international construction brands still operating today, however the wake of the banking crisis decimated the U.K. construction industry, and so he elected to re-enter education with the goal of studying law, whereupon he commenced his legal studies in 2013, before proudly graduating in autumn 2016 with his LL.B (Hons) law degree.

While at university, Neil discovered a natural affinity with a subject that garnered respect from his faculty tutors and a recommendation to remain in the field of written research. Since that time, Neil has written and published his first law study support book and cookbook, and now aims to firmly secure himself in the consultative field of domestic law, while writing the voluminous ‘United States Law’ due autumn 2019.

This realisation and sense of personal fulfilment undoubtedly founded the design and build of ‘The Black Letter’, a digital manifestation of Neil’s passion for writing, researching and sharing all forms of legal insight to those who appreciate law and jurisprudence in its written form, which is incidentally now home to ‘Black Letter Law’, an organic continuation of his devotion to an industry all too often shrouded in mystery, and long overdue a revisionist approach to client-based legal solutions.

(13 September 2018)

NB If you would like to learn more about Neil’s colourful ancestry, this Thesis makes for very enlightening reading, should you have both the time and inclination.