Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Lawyer?

A Lawyer is a premium alternative to a solicitor.

Why should I instruct a Lawyer?

Life is full of obstacles, opportunities, challenges, unexpected events and frustrations; most of which, can be quickly navigated with experience, knowledge and effective resources.

Black Letter Law® represents an affordable one-stop legal solution for commercial and private clients because we pride ourselves on accessible legal advice with your peace of mind our priority.

How do I measure the quality of my advice?

Westlaw Edge UK® is an international law resource used by market-leading global law firms, and so Black Letter Law® draws upon their up-to-the-minute information when researching every matter, which is why our legal advice is measurable and reliable every single time.

This cutting edge database also provides Black Letter Law® with real-time case law and legislative updates, which ensures pinpoint accuracy every time our clients need us.

With a comprehensive knowledge of EU and US law, Black Letter Law® can also advise commercial clients in multi-jurisdictional matters, so please get in touch to exploit that invaluable asset during cross-border transactions and disputes.

Absolutely. A Lawyer can act as your legal representative in all civil legal matters aside from the small number of ‘reserved legal activities’ shown in schedule 2 of the Legal Services Act 2007; however, we’re only too happy to refer you to trustworthy service providers when the moment calls for it.

How much does a Lawyer charge?

Black Letter Law® delivers a means-tested pricing schedule to both private and corporate clients.

We also offer exclusive rates for retirees and competitive pricing for Wills, Trusts, Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) and other testamentary instruments.

If you would like to know more about our flexible prices and fixed costs, please call us on +44 (0)1872 709172 and we can discuss them with you in absolute confidence.

Can a Lawyer save me money?

A Lawyer is free to scale his fees with the flexibility to support every client, which means that Black Letter Law® can ensure an outcome you deserve through a winning combination of our time and your money.

This means that Black Letter Law® is your first choice when you need an informed, effective and affordable solution to life’s legal problems.

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