Human Rights

Human rights are a fundamental element of our existence.

Furthermore, these rights are not privileges, rather they are unequivocally ours to exert and express, no matter who or where we are in the world.

History shows that human rights laws have been built by the hands and minds of those courageous enough to address inequality and exploitation, yet even today we still read of the Modern Slavery Act when shopping online.

The sad truth is that the unlawful deprivation of human rights remains undiminished in a world of global technocracy, which is why those who can, must become the voice of victims unable to stand against such flagrant abuses of power.

“The protective canvas of human rights jurisprudence and implementing mechanisms recognizes the natural and social bonds of human destiny everywhere, that is, our kinship in rights.

It empowers all of us to claim our entitlement to a life of dignity, our right to count and be counted, irrespective of our ancestry, gender, colour, status and creed.”

High Commissioner of UN Human Rights

If you’ve read this far and consider yourself one of many trampled underfoot by contracts, policies or words that somehow bind your freedoms, then today is the time to speak out.

By contacting BLACK LETTER LAW we can help to clarify your position, options and outcomes in a way that you can understand, so find the courage to act now, as your silence will deny you everything that was yours all along.