Property, real estate, land; whichever name you prefer and whether given or purchased, is more often than not, free to be used and enjoyed as you see fit.

However, uninformed buyers can often wind up with a regretful acquisition loaded with legal caveats invisible to the untrained eye, which is why most will seek out a solicitor for an informed review or appraisal ahead of time.

Likewise, land once free from intrusion can later become the focal point of tensions between neighbouring landowners, who now wish to extend or sell certain portions for financial gain.

“We live on a small island. Land is in great demand; it provides homes and places of business, security for debt, space for recreation, a source of food and minerals; the list is endless. Ownership of land is important and valuable.”

Kenneth Clarke QC, MP, Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice

This is where we come in.

By consulting us first, we can clarify your legal rights and demystify the grey areas to give you peace of mind without the enormous price tag.

Not only that, we can examine any other potential issues that may later prove problematic and so help you to proactively address them before they do.

In a nutshell, there are a wide variety of duties, obligations and even hindrances that run with land, which means that you owe it to yourself to know what they are and how you can either remove or mitigate their impact.

So, if you feel you need an informed second opinion, remember that BLACK LETTER LAW is never far away and we’re built to deliver it with your happiness in mind.