The Case Law Compendium: English & European Law

The Case Law Compendium: English & European Law

Do you find it hard to read case law?

Do you spend hours studying complex cases?

Are you struggling to understand law?

Do case transcripts confuse you?

Do you find referencing painful?

Are you scared about what a law degree means?

Does European law terrify you?

Do you struggle to write good essays?

Does law confuse you?

Do you struggle with core text reading?

Do you want to understand English and European law fast?

Do you want to understand case law fast?

Do you need help with your law degree?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you simply need to purchase a copy of ‘The Case Law Compendium: English & European Law’ which provides all law students with:

  • Over 150 historically significant English and European case law studies
  • Coverage of Constitutional & Administrative Law, Contract Law, Criminal Law, Equity & Trust Law, European Law, Family Law, Medical Law, Property (Land) Law and Tort Law
  • Highly complex case transcripts distilled into simplified and easily digestible text
  • Fully OSCOLA referenced hand-selected citations for immediate use in coursework 

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What does this mean?

What this means is that by having personally analysed thousands of transcript pages, all the hard work of reading, understanding and translating the minds of the judges and courts is something you can finally say goodbye to. Each case also includes hand-selected and fully OSCOLA referenced citations that can be quickly inserted into written coursework (or moot skeleton arguments) without you having to hunt for them.

For example you could choose to traverse this complex twenty-six page judgment transcript:

Davidson v Scottish Ministers (No.2)

Or you could simply purchase ‘The Case law Compendium: English & European Law’ and read this:

Davidson v Scottish Ministers (No.2) Book Sample

Thereby saving yourself significant time and confusion while taking in the information that is truly relevant, and with ‘The Case Law Compendium’ you have the additional user benefit of pre-selected and fully referenced citations to gain greater insight and use for coursework where needed.

By simply having a copy of this study resource close to hand you will now be able to effectively engage in tutorial debates, improve your essay writing abilities, and expedite your knowledge in a multitude of legal fields, without the pain of decoding the legislation and application of jurisprudence.

Which cases are disucussed in the book?

Constitutional Law

  1. A v Secretary of State for the Home Department
  2. Ahmad v United Kingdom
  3. Associated Provincial Picture Houses Ltd v Wednesbury Corp
  4. Attorney-General v Jonathan Cape Ltd
  5. Council of Civil Service Unions v Minister for the Civil Service
  6. Davidson v Scottish Ministers (No.2)
  7. Entick v Carrington
  8. Ghaidan v Godin-Mendoza
  9. Jackson v Attorney-General
  10. Liversidge v Anderson
  11. M v Home Office
  12. R v Secretary of State for the Home Department ex p Brind
  13. R v Secretary of State for the Home Department ex p Fire Brigades Union
  14. R v Secretary of State for Transport ex p Factortame (No.2)
  15. Regina (SB) v Governors of Denbigh High School
  16. Ridge v Baldwin (No.1)
  17. Thoburn v Sunderland City Council

Contract Law

  1. Bristol and West Building Society v Mothew
  2. Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Co.
  3. Central London Properties v High Trees House Ltd
  4. Chartbrook Ltd v Persimmon Homes Ltd
  5. Crest Nicholson (Londinium) Ltd v Akaria Investments Ltd
  6. Davis Contractors Ltd v Fareham UDC
  7. Destiny 1 v Lloyds Bank Plc
  8. Dunlop Pneumatic Tyres Co Ltd v Selfridge & Co Ltd
  9. Esso Petroleum v Mardon
  10. Holwell Securities Ltd v Hughes
  11. L’Estrange v Graucob
  12. Maple Leaf Macro Volatility Master Fund v Rouvroy
  13. Moran v University College Salford
  14. Royal Bank of Scotland v Etridge (No.2)
  15. Scriven Bros & Co v Hindley & Co
  16. Williams v Roffey Bros & Nicholls (Contractors) Ltd

Criminal Law

  1. Hashman and Harrup v United Kingdom
  2. R v Ahluwalia
  3. R v Bree
  4. R v Collins
  5. R v G and R
  6. R v Ghosh
  7. R v Hinks
  8. R v Howe
  9. R v Ireland
  10. R v Kennedy
  11. R v Kingston
  12. R v Lambert
  13. R v Miller
  14. R v Steer
  15. R v Stone; R v Dobinson
  16. R v Woollin
  17. Sheldrake v DPP

Equity and Trust Law

  1. Agip (Africa) Ltd v Jackson
  2. Armitage v Nurse
  3. Attorney-General for Hong Kong v Reid
  4. Blackwell v Blackwell
  5. Boardman v Phipps
  6. Gissing v Gissing
  7. Grey v IRC
  8. McPhail v Doulton
  9. Milroy v Lord
  10. Re Bucks Constabulary Widow’s and Orphans Fund Friendly Society
  11. Re Denley
  12. Re Hallett’s Estate
  13. Re Montagu
  14. Re Pryce
  15. Re Recher’s Will Trusts
  16. Re Rose
  17. Rochefoucauld v Boustead
  18. Royal Brunei Airlines v Tan
  19. Twinsectra Ltd v Yardley
  20. Vandervell v IRC

European Law

  1. Adeneler and others v Ellinikos Organismos Galaklos (ELOG)
  2. CILFIT and Lanificio di Gavardo SpA v Ministry of Health
  3. Commission v United Kingdom [Excise Duties on Wine]
  4. Courage Ltd v Crehan
  5. Defrenne v SABENA
  6. Faccini Dori v Recreb Srl
  7. Foster v British Gas
  8. Francovich and others v Italy
  9. Internationale Handelsgesellschaft mbH v Einfuhr-und Vorratsstelle für Getreide und Futtermittel
  10. Köbler v Austria
  11. Marleasing SA v La Comercial Internacional de Alimentación SA
  12. Marshall v Southampton and South West Area Health Authority (No.1)
  13. R v HM Treasury ex p British Telecommunications Plc
  14. R v Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food ex p Hedley Lomas
  15. Simmenthal SpA v Italian Minister of Finance
  16. Van Duyn v Home Office
  17. Van Gend en Loos v Nederlandse Administratie de Belastingen
  18. Viamex Agrar Handels GmbH v Hauptzollamt Hamburg-Jonas
  19. Von Colson and Kamann v Land Nordrhein-Westfalen
  20. Wagner Miret v Fondo de Garantía Salarial

Family Law

  1. AI v MT (Alternative Dispute Resolution)
  2. Evans v Amicus Healthcare Ltd and Others
  3. Fitzpatrick v Sterling Housing Association Ltd
  4. Jones v Kernott
  5. Mabon v Mabon
  6. Miller v Miller
  7. Prest v Petrodel Resources Ltd
  8. Re A (A Child)
  9. Re G (Education: Religious Upbringing)
  10. Re M (Parental Responsibilities Order)
  11. Re S (Care Order: Implementation of Care Plan)
  12. Thorner v Major
  13. White v White

Medical Law

  1. A Local Authority v E
  2. A Local Authority v Mrs A and Mr A
  3. Chester v Afshar
  4. H v Associated Newspapers Ltd and N (A Health Authority)
  5. Gregg v Scott
  6. Hotson v East Berkshire Area Health Authority
  7. PC v City of York Council
  8. R (C) v Berkshire Primary Care Trust
  9. R (Condliff) v North Staffordshire Primary Care Trust
  10. R (Rogers) v Swindon NHS Primary Care Trust
  11. R (Watts) v Bedford Primary Care Trust and Secretary of State for Health
  12. R v Cambridge Health Authority ex p B
  13. Re C (Adult: Refusal of Treatment)
  14. Re SB (A patient: capacity to consent to termination)

Property Law

  1. AG Securities v Vaughan
  2. Aslan v Murphy
  3. Barrett v Barrett
  4. Borman v Griffith
  5. Browne v Flower
  6. Cheltenham and Gloucester Building Society v Norgan
  7. Cobbe v Yeoman’s Row Management Ltd
  8. Copeland v Greenhalf
  9. Edwards v Lloyds TSB Bank Plc
  10. Gillett v Holt
  11. Marcou v Da Silvaesa
  12. Midland Bank Plc v Cooke
  13. Moncrieff v Jamieson
  14. Parker v British Airways Board
  15. Re Ellenborough Park
  16. Stack v Dowden
  17. Wheeldon v Burrows
  18. Williams & Glyn’s Bank Ltd v Boland

Tort Law

  1. Bolam v Friern Hospital Management Committee
  2. Cambridge Water Co v Eastern Counties Leather Plc
  3. Campbell v Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN)
  4. Caparo Industries Plc v Dickman
  5. Donoghue v Stevenson
  6. Gray v Thames Trains Ltd
  7. Grobbelaar v News Group Newspapers Ltd
  8. Hedley Byrne & Co Ltd v Heller and Partners
  9. Hunter v Canary Wharf Ltd
  10. Lister v Hesley Hall Ltd
  11. Lonrho Ltd v Shell Petroleum Co Ltd (No.2)
  12. McLoughlin v O’ Brian
  13. Murphy v Brentwood District Council
  14. Smith v Littlewoods Organisation Ltd
  15. Stovin v Wise
  16. Taylor and another v A Novo (UK) Ltd
  17. Tomlinson v Congleton Borough Council
  18. Topp v London Country Bus (South West) Ltd

Where can I buy it?

The Case Law Compendium is available through almost all Amazon sites, thanks to the brilliance of ‘Print on Demand’ technology, while it will always be ready for worldwide shipping in just a few clicks, plus the book is also printed and distributed via Ingram Spark (aka Lightning Source), who through their numerous worldwide partnership agreements, supply The Case Law Compendium to almost 40,000 retailers, libraries, schools and universities worldwide.

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I cannot emphasise enough just how invaluable this book will become to you as your law course progresses, and you’ll be surprised at just how fast you learn the cases and how your confidence grows when discussing their finer points. I am also supremely confident that you will refer to this book when studying both for insight and refreshment of your case law knowledge. While I genuinely hope that purchasers will frequently turn to this unprecedented resource, it is designed to enable everybody to become an ‘A’ student in English law.

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