Law simplified.

Welcome to The Black Letter
‘PhD’ by John Pacer

While studying for my law degree, the most prolific complaint heard from fellow undergraduates was of the need to laboriously pore over numerous lengthy judgments as part of their legal studies. It seemed instead that what law students really wanted was a simple yet comprehensive outlay of what each particular case was discussing.

Remaining mindful of that need, the objective of the Black Letter is to provide clear and concise legal knowledge to readers without the arduous task of deciphering the minds of the judges.

By distilling the framework of those cases into clearly defined bodies of text, the joy of this website is that while in the immediate sense my efforts are helpful to those who find their way here, there is a real possibility that one day it could become a touchstone for students, writers, solicitors, industry publications and academics everywhere.

Primarily functioning as an essential reference point for significant historic and recent case discussion, there are also several insight articles to help clarify certain areas of law that can often feel confusing without  relevant case discussion to support their use.

It is also important to note that it is my express intention to continue evolving the breadth and depth of the available source material here because after all this is a labour of genuine passion for law and nothing less.

In closing I genuinely hope that you enjoy visiting and reading about the cases shown, while also gaining greater understanding of law and legal principles from the supporting articles; and so in order to help others find me please be kind enough to tell your peers about this site after selfishly reading and researching to your heart’s content.